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L’avènement technologique anticipé : la machine pensante, nouveau paradis du Medef

L’émergence des automates par Benjamin Ferran – Le Figaro

L’émergence des automates, par Benjamin Ferran

Le Figaro

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This week: the optimism of Medef, and six other pieces of information in France and worldwide.

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Monday, March 25 • A « decade » of AI in France

France unveils its roadmap for a « digital decade. » Generative artificial intelligence is omnipresent in this document. It « represents a historical turning point that we have not seen in at least thirty years with the advent of office tools and the internet, and before that the printing revolution,” writes Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire. What I take away from this? A desire to develop European technologies in AI (databases, language models, hosting), and their use. Starting next semester, second-year students will be able to revise math and French…

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