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Microsoft unveils its new AI-enhanced PCs Microsoft unveils its new AI-enhanced PCs
Microsoft unveils its new AI-enhanced PCs

The American giant, in collaboration with OpenAI, has revealed its highly anticipated AI-enhanced PCs on Monday, aimed at assisting users in all their tasks.

Published on 21/05/2024 10:48

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On Monday, May 20, Microsoft introduced computers that directly integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its Windows operating system. The « Copilot Plus PC » are « the fastest and most intelligent Windows PCs ever made, » touted Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of the tech giant.

The new tools, such as live translation, image generation, or questions to the Copilot assistant, will be available without a subscription, without opening separate applications. With the Recall function, a user will be able to go back in time on their PC, see all the windows they have opened, or ask the Copilot Plus AI to find a presentation that had a specific image in it. The Cocreator tool will allow creating images by drawing and providing written instructions (« prompts »).

Thanks to the « NPU », specialized chips for AI tasks, exchanges with the models will take place directly on the computer, instead of sending data to a « cloud » server and waiting for a response in return.

Companies like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and HP have recently released PCs with « NPU » and will now integrate the Copilot Plus AI, hoping to reignite public interest in computers.

The integration of AI into Microsoft’s Surface range is intended to boost the sales of personal devices for the company, which decreased by 9% last year. The American group, the main investor in OpenAI, estimates that more than 50 million of these new PCs will be sold in the next 12 months, given the appetite of developers and the public for digital assistants that anticipate their needs.

Apple, Microsoft’s main competitor in the computer sector, has remained discreet on generative AI until now, but it is expected to unveil its own innovations in June.


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